3 types of impact wrenches available in the market. Today in this article, we intend to discuss the buying guide of air impact wrenches in details.


Do you want to learn about the air impact wrenches? Then continue reading. In a recent article, Geariz discussed the 3 types of impact wrenches available in the market. Today in this article, we intend to discuss the air impact wrenches in details.

The air impact wrenches also known as the pneumatic impact wrenches are the impact wrenches powered by compressed air and produces high torque that can be used to lose the tightest bolts and nuts. They are durable, not so portable and provides the best power-weight-ratio. In terms of price, they are also cheap.


The air impact wrenches have been designed to be lightweight and compact. Due to the way they had been engineered, they are some of the lightest impact wrenches in the market. Just beneath the handle is a hose hole where the hosepipe is fixed. It also comes with a trigger for making the rotor spins and a reverse system which handles the direction of movement of the rotor.

However, this type of impact wrench does not have a speed adjustment mechanism, making it suitable only for works requiring high torque and performance.


Except for the hydraulic impact wrenches, on average, no wrenches are as powerful as the air impact wrenches. They are known for high performance and the powerful torque they produce, making them popular among mechanics and construction workers. Due to their power and performance, they are not suitable for use when little torque is required as they can shatter the bolts.

Source of power

The pneumatic impact wrenches are powered by compressed air. The compressed air is supplied by an air compressor, powered usually by a generator. The compressed air is supplied to the air impact wrenches through a hosepipe.


Since the air impact wrenches rely on a pipe to supply it compressed air from an air compressor, it cannot be said to be portable as the distance you can move away from the air compressor is determined by the length of the hosepipe.


The air impact wrenches had been simply engineered. The working mechanism is also simple. The fact that these types of impact wrenches have been made for use in rugged conditions and their simple design had made them be highly durable and everlasting.


One will think since these type of impact wrenches are power horses and durable, they should be more expensive. However, they are quite cheap. The only problem regarding pricing arises if you don’t own an air compressor, the cost of an air compressor when added, makes it quite expensive.


The air impact wrenches had been the most popular impact wrenches, especially in the past. Even though its popularity is dwindling down because of the introduction of the cordless impact wrenches, it is still in heavy usage today because of its high power and performance that the cordless impact wrenches cannot meet.